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 Hello, and welcome to my website!


I am a painter currently deriving most of my inspiration from the landscapes of Wales and the Derbyshire Peak district.  I've tried to present some

of my works and give some insight into how and why they arrive in the form in which you see them.  I hope you enjoy browsing

through them, and should any  appeal enough, most are for sale at prices from £60 upwards depending on the work and whether you

want to buy it mounted or framed.  I can arrange for a framed, limited edition print, A4 size, at considerably less cost.  If you have

an idea for something you would like in my style, I'm always prepared to discuss commisioned works.  My details are listed on the

Contact Me page of the site. 


              The first four Galleries contain works from an exhibition, "Many Waters" at the Old Parsonage Gallery in Manchester, in May/june 2014.

I have included some photographs of the works in situ to give a flavour of the complete  exhibition. The works were developed after visitiing and studying most

of the major Welsh waterfalls and visits to both Norway and Iceland. 

The Archives Sections include examples of my works in different media from the recent past.  Some work develops alongside

or from my poems and I've included two such series here - The 'Solva' series, (archive 5) and the 'Earth, air, fire and water' series in archive 4.. 

 I have also  included a section called the ‘Life Room’, since this is where I go to remind  myself that formal issues 

such as proportion, perspective, history and tradition still have meaning and validity throughout the visual arts, and are neglected at our peril.  Without

them, all our work is diminished.  Here there are examples of drawings made in sessions organised by the Chorlton Drawing group. 

Some were worked on for well over an hour and others were completed within a few minutes.    I have also chosen to open the pages of some of

my sketchbooks since these are rarely seen in public, yet are the places where starting points are recorded and ideas and possibilities are

tried, tested, rejected, amended and developed until some become more finished works.  


My e-book "Do Yer Do Nudes, Sir?" is available from Amazon.co.uk


I hope my works appeal to you and create some small resonance between your life and mine.

- Mike Stevenson.